Saturday, August 3, 2013

My Journey from Storytelling to Being Published (Post One)

Storytelling Will Always Be Alive

Rae fails at getting a snack
A comic I drew of one my favorite characters in my novel. Summer 2012.
Before printed text existed people told stories verbally. People also drew pictures on stone to illustrate a thought, and everybody was satisfied with that. Some of us think since we have technology and media now we're separated from those primitive ways of telling a story, but we're not and we're satisfied with that.
Before tucking a child in what do we do? Tell a story. When we gossip or tell a humorous story to our family and friends, what are we doing? Children like to go outside to draw weird-shaped figures on the sidewalk with chalk and call them people. They give those shapes a personality, a name, and a story. We're never going to evolve from storytelling and illustration.

Prologue: How it all Started

When I was four I used to tell everybody stories about simplistic, childish things. I blabbed about my cat, kindergarten, and candy. I think some people I grew up around don't have a right ear anymore because I talked it off. My momma didn't have a car so we walked and rode the bus everywhere in Mobile. Inspiration for stories came from those countless bus ride adventures. When I turned eight and read a book that a child my age wrote. My whole perspective of story telling changed. It was like a revolution exploded in my head! "Anybody can be published," I thought. "Now I can be one of them!"

To be continued.

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