Saturday, August 10, 2013

Writing for My Readers

Forgetting about your readers' needs is one of the biggest mistakes a writer can make. Creative writers are supposed to create a compelling story and place that readers can immerse themselves in. If you are truly passionate about writing it will reflect through the plot and characters.
My husband and me
My loving husband is very critical and delicate with the material that I write.
passion. Your readers have to read your creation, so it's fair to do your best every time you write on a blank page. Don't make it tolerable, make it legendary!
  It's hard for me to describe why this is so important to me, but writing for your readers goes deeper than finding your target audience (gender/age). You have to feel everything you write. Become a part of the emotion. That is what the readers need.They need to see that you put yourself in their place.

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